Explained: What is the need for RS Porcha (Khatian)?

What is the need for RS Khatian (Porcha)?

Based on the Cadastral Survey (CS Khatian), a Step by Step Revisional Survey, also known as RS Record (RS Porcha), was created in accordance with the West Bengal Estate Acquisition Act, 1953. For instance, the last settlement record for Krishnapur Mouza in Rajarhat Block was the Revisional Survey. However, recently, the process of L.R. settlement for the aforementioned Krishnapur Mouza has just begun, and in some locations, settlement work is even being done by the concerned authorities.

Why is RS Porcha needed to approve housing loans?

As we all know, loans are currently obtained by mortgaging land for the purpose of building homes or by purchasing a house, flat, or apartment by presenting the necessary paperwork to the banking authority, among other things. But in order to be granted the loan, the applicant must also provide a copy of Parcha, also known as RORs or Khatian or Porcha, in his or her own name in addition to the clear title to the property and possession.

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What should you do if you don’t have a Parcha in your own name?

However, in some Mouzas where the recording process has not yet started in accordance with Sections 51A (1) and 51A (4) of the West Bengal Land Reforms Act, KB, Attestation, in this situation in order to address the issues of the general public, the recording process can be carried out in accordance with Section 51B of the West Bengal Land Reforms Act, 1955 prior to the final publication of those places.

Application for Land Mutation at the stage of Revisional Settlement

Any officer with the necessary power from the State Government may, at any time, take the legal action required to modify any part of such RS Khatian, Parcha, or Records (RORs), if any person files an application for Mutation before the proper forum. And under these conditions, a copy of RS Record or say RS Porcha becomes necessary.

How to Download RS Porcha for free?

Due to this, we have offered free information on RS Porcha as well as an option for RS Khatian Download in respect of the said Krishnapur Mouza popularly known as Kestopur on this website.

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