One Man One Khatian (OMOK) system in West Bengal: An Overview

One Man One Khatian (OMOK) is a system that was introduced in the state of West Bengal to simplify the process of land registration and to reduce the scope of land-related disputes. The system is aimed at ensuring that each individual or family is allotted a unique plot of land, which is registered in their name, and cannot be encroached upon by any other person

The History of Land Records in West Bengal: An Overview

In West Bengal, land records have a long and complex history that dates back to the pre-colonial era. The state has seen various rulers and governments, each with their own policies and systems for maintaining land records. In this article, we will take a closer look at the history of land records in West Bengal, from the pre-colonial period to the present day.

Find the Right Mutual Divorce Lawyer in Kolkata: Importance, Tips, and Guidance

A mutual divorce lawyer in Kolkata can help you navigate the legal system, make you understand your rights, and ensure that your interests are protected. This article will discuss the importance of hiring a mutual divorce lawyer in Kolkata and provide tips for finding the right lawyer for your needs.

Mutual Divorce in Kolkata: A Comprehensive Guide

Divorce is a difficult decision that no couple wants to make, but sometimes it is the best option for them. Mutual Divorce in Kolkata is becoming increasingly popular among couples who want to end their marriage without engaging in lengthy and costly legal battles. In this article, we will discuss what mutual divorce is and how it works in Kolkata.

Comprehensive Guide to the Stages of Porcha or Khatian Preparation in West Bengal: From CS to LR

The stages of Khatian preparation or Porcha in West Bengal are essential for understanding land records and ownership rights in the state. Khatian, or Porcha, is a document that contains the details of land holdings, such as the owner’s name, area, and property type.

Filing a Mutation Application under Section 50 of the West Bengal Land Reforms Act, 1955: A Comprehensive Guide

In West Bengal, the process of mutation application under Section 50 of the West Bengal Land Reforms Act, 1955, is an important aspect of land ownership, and it involves the transfer of ownership from one person to another.