Who is Shilajit Mondal

Mr. Shilajit Mondal is a Law Associate based in Kolkata. He works with some of the top senior conveyancing lawyers in Kolkata and is well known for drafting and carrying out a variety of agreements that safeguard the interests of parties.

Services of Conveyancing Lawyers in Kolkata

In order to save time on travel, he also offers these services online under the direction of the best senior conveyancing lawyers in Kolkata. He drafts and negotiates a variety of drafting and conveyancing, including 1. Rent Agreement, 2. Terms of Lease, 3. Property Sale Agreement, 4. Tenant Agreement, 5. Sale and Purchase, Agreement, 6. Vehicle Sale Agreement, 7. Real Estate Sales Contract, 8. Buyer Seller Agreement etc.

Who Choose Him?

He is the best drafting and conveyancing lawyer’s associate in Kolkata. He drafts all legal documents as per the needs of the clients under the guidance of the top conveyancing lawyers in Kolkata. He has his style of writing. He covers the whole issue holistically, leaving no scope for future disputes. He has prior experience in practising law and dealing with legal matters, he understands the possible loopholes in legal documents.

Addition Services He Offers

Mr Shilajit Mondal Draft Affidavits for Court Proceedings. It acts as evidence on certain matters on behalf of our clients. He drafts Statutory Declarations on behalf of the clients. It needed before any government authorities. He Keeps in mind that the words used in writing state the true fact without ambiguity. He effortlessly provides rent agreement online in Kolkata.

Mr Shilajit Mondal is a person who notices and works on minute details while drafting or reviewing any document. In this sense, he is a perfectionist.

He offered a variety of drafting and conveyancing services

He applies his experience to avoid any loopholes and makes the document error-free and legally correct. He even helps you with power of attorney paperwork. He belongs to the top legal firm in Kolkata. He handles deed of gift property matters well. Some of the documents, he drafts on regular basis in accordance with law under the guidance of the top conveyancing lawyers in Kolkata are the following;

1. Conveyancing and deed drafting
2. Power of attorney for property
3. Deed of sale
4. Gift deed for immovable property
5. Special Power of Attorney


He is quick in delivering his work. Most of the time he will deliver the document within 24 hours. He is reliable and committed person who is dedicated to provide best legal documentation and notary services to his clients. By filling out the form provided below, you can contact our best drafting and conveyancing lawyers in Kolkata.