Sri Sajal Kumar Ray

Mr Sajal Kumar Ray is a lawyer based in Kolkata. He is the best criminal lawyer in Kolkata, having experience of more than 30 years, practising before various courts and forums across India. He has been entrusted with high-stakes matters by clients. His  expertise lies in civil and commercial matters. 

He also specialises in matters of Divorce, especially contested divorce matters. It is when you search online divorce attorney near me, no doubt he is the best Divorce lawyer in Kolkata. He is known to devise strategies which provide quick disposition of complex contested divorce cases. People going through the process of divorce understand the trauma of the whole process. It makes the life of the person standstill till the decree of divorce is passed by the honourable court.

Why Choose him as one of the best criminal lawyer in kolkata?

He will help you with the best strategy according to your situation. It will help you in setting you free in the least possible time. With his experience and expertise, he can assist you in related matters of Child custody, Maintenance and Property rights.

He has a 100% case dispose rate in uncontested and contested divorce. It shows his competence and skill in his area of expertise. He is available to act as a contested divorce lawyer online and guide clients or an advocate based in another city. He appears in various courts as family court lawyer.

Along with technical legal skills he has sound soft skills. He is an  emotionally intelligent person who understands the nuances of family relations. He belongs to top 10 divorce lawyers in Kolkata. When any person comes for client counselling he makes sure to make him/her at ease. He is a good listener and make good divorce consultation.

The process of counselling assures the client that he/she is under expert guidance. It helps them in getting peace of mind. He is always available for his clients if they need any clarification or advice from him. He is the best criminal lawyer in Kolkata.


He advises clients as per the situation of the client. He lets the client decide the course of action they want to take. He acts by the will of the client. He is the best family divorce lawyer. As soon as he is authorised by the client to proceed, he makes the client aware of all the steps he is going to take to achieve the client’s objective. Then he starts preparing the petitions and notices as required. In totality, the process and experience of his clients are very positive and smooth till date. By filling out the form provided below, you can contact our top criminal lawyer in Kolkata.

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