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Mr. Apurba Mondal is an Advocate registered under the Bar Council Kolkata High Court. He is having an experience of 10 years at the bar. His area of expertise lies in civil cases. Mr. Apurba Mondal is the best mutual divorce lawyer in Kolkata. He has an exceptional track record in cases of Divorce through mutual consent.

Mutual consent Divorce is under Section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1995. The process of Mutual consent divorce is more simple than  Contested Divorce. It is less time consuming and hence called inexpensive divorce. In Kolkata uncontested divorce cost is reasonable. The process of mutual divorce online in easy in Kolkata. When you search online uncontested divorce attorney near me, he is the best of all. Mutual Divorce Lawyer is always available for you.

When both the parties are not living together and also there is no intention to live as husband and wife in future. Then the parties can jointly file the petition for mutually agreed Divorce. In the case of Mutual consent divorce, there is a need for one year of separation. The court needs to be satisfied with this fact. Specially in mutual divorce.

There is no strict need for living in different locations but not living as husband and wife would suffice. Along with this fact, the court should be satisfied that there is no scope for reconciliation among the parties. In the case where the court sees an opportunity for reconciliation, it can order a duration of 6 to 18 months for reconciliation. The duration of this period is from the date of filing the mutual consent divorce petition. As a mutual divorce lawyer he can help you with all the procedures.

Like contested divorce, mutual consent divorce also involves some related issues. They can be an issue of child custody, property rights or maintenance. These issues can be decided mutually by the husband and wife. They can take shelter of a mutual divorce lawyer.

If they are facing a challenge in reaching a consensus then the experienced divorce lawyer can act as a mediator. It will help in reaching an agreeable solution. Mutual divorce procedure is reliable.

Why Choose Him?

Mr. Apurba Mondal has helped hundreds of people in the dissolution of marriage by mutual consent. He has also helped clients with issues arising out of Mutual consent divorce. He helps with procedure for mutual divorce in India. It can include child custody, property rights and maintenance. His expertise also lies in cases of mutual consent  divorce under Muslim law.

He has exceptional command over the legal nuances of Mutual consent divorce. He is a compassionate human being. This allows him to connect with the distress of clients and help them as required.

He helps in filing the divorce petition before the Honourable Court. He try to ensure his client’s interest is always protected. He try to get the Cooling period waived off for his clients who are sure of their decision. This ensures they can get on in their lives as soon as possible. 

Drafting divorce petition and filling that in the court is a lawyer’s duty which he always does. His clients are always satisfied with his legal work. His excellence in mutual consent divorce makes him the best mutual divorce lawyer in Kolkata. 

His attention to detail makes him one of the top mutual divorce lawyers in Kolkata. he try to provide legal services without any hassle. This is the reason people searching divorce lawyer near me always engage him. He serves his clients with honesty. His priority has always been to serve his  clients and provide them mutual consent divorce. Understanding clients and maintaining a peaceful relation with them is his priority.

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