Ranjit Mondal Lawyer

Mr. Ranjit Mondal is the best property registration lawyer in Kolkata amongst our best lawyers in Kolkata. He is practising in the city of Kolkata since 2010. His area of practice is real estate property law. His expertise is in real estate laws. He is the best real estate lawyer in Kolkata. He helps clients with Property registration land property law.

Property Registration in India is Mandatory. Registration of property in India is compulsory. For consideration of legal ownership. The protection of state against any infringement of right of owner on property. When you search online land lawyers near me, he is the best option.

Why Choose Ranjit Mondal as the Property Registration Lawyer in Kolkata

He assists our clients in every step of the property registering process. He provides full support to our clients while they are purchasing any property. He ensures their interests are protected at every stage. He assists in Registration of Land, Flats, House, Factories etc. He is one of the top land attorneys in Kolkata.

He helps clients in due diligence while buying the property of his choice. He prepares the report and make clients understand the implications of issues involved. He tries to present clients with a true picture of the property’s history. In that way clients will be in a better position to make decisions on buying the property. He handles deed of gift land registry.

He belongs to one of the top real estate law firms. He also helps clients in verifying the title of the property. Title refers to rights arising out of ownership of immovable property. Before buying or leasing a property he verifies thoroughly to save the new buyer from liabilities of the previous owner. For example he checks whether the property under consideration is free from previous property tax. Whether it is a loan collateral for a loan taken by the previous owner. He verifies 12-30 years history of Property or as per need. He combines the following aspects in the title report of the property.

  1. Ownership Details,
  2. Chain of title,
  3. Derivation of ownership right,
  4. Nature of right of the transferor,
  5. Legal Competency of transferor,
  6. Nature of property and land use,
  7. Encumbrances,
  8. Litigation,
  9. Public notice,
  10. Ownership details,
  11. Restrictions and allowance,
  12. Development and construction.

Property Searching Services offers by the Our Firm’s Best Property Registration Lawyer in Kolkata

He is also the Best conveyance and deed drafting lawyer in Kolkata. He drafts all legal documents as per the needs of the clients. He has his style of writing. He covers the whole issue holistically leaving no scope for future disputes. As he has prior experience in practicing law and dealing with litigation, he understands the possible loopholes in legal documents. He applies his experience to avoid any loopholes and makes the document error-free and legally correct. Some of the documents he drafts on regular basis are the following;

  1. Conveyancing and deed drafting
  2. Power of attorney for property
  3. Deed of sale
  4. Gift deed for immovable property

Advocate Ranjit Mondal always keeps the interest of the client in mind while drafting any documents. He has exceptional writing abilities which got reflected in his drafted documents. Property registration online is currently becoming very popular In Kolkata, where the entire process can be completed online through Government Website and he is also very professional in working both online and offline registration process. He always delivers documents before the mutually agreed time, that’s why he is the best property registration lawyer in Kolkata. With reasonable fees, he offers the following services for property registration in Kolkata :

  • Registration of Deed of Gift
  • Registration of Deed of Sale or Deed of Conveyance
  • Registration of Partition Deed
  • Registration of Deed of Amalgamation
  • Registration of Development Agreement
  • Registration of Agreement for Sale
  • Registration of Power of Attorney
  • Registration of Lease Deed/Transfer of Assignment


Advocate Ranjit Mondal has expertise and experience in property related matters. And he is well versed with the nuances of the laws applicable and practices followed in the real estate sector. He is the best conveyancing lawyer in Kolkata. He has a deep understanding of the financial aspect of real estate business. This places him in the position to strategies and advise, keeping in mind the financial implication of the action. He has advised and appeared before various courts and forums in the matters related to property.